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ANNA SIGURDSON It's our first...
ANNA SIGURDSON It's our first Mother's Day without you. Just wanted to send a note that we're doing well. We miss you and think about you every day. Anytime advice is needed, somehow your voice is still in our heads. Life continues to be busy. The grandkids are underfoot and give reason to smile. Kira just got her drivers. Eric's job sounds like it's going well. The Jays could be doing better. The rest of us stay busy with our jobs and Dad continues to figure out his golf game. We'll try to remember a little Carpe Diem. You'll be happy to know we're home. Safe. Thanks for looking out for us. With love. Your family. Dad. Ken, Cheryl, Kira. Eric, Kalyn, Anara, Vayda, Bodhi, Slater. Kris, Tomke, Lene, Anna. Jessica.
This listing was added on: May 13