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LAURETTE TRUDEL (née FOREST) Passed away on November 14, 2016 Your Mother is Always With You Your Mother is the first best friend you'll ever have Your number one cheerleader and your voice of reason When she's gone it's like a piece of you goes with her But know your mother is always with you After a long day when you just want to call her When you see the same eagle soaring in the sky above When your heart is broken and you're in pain Or you just need an ear to listen Take comfort in knowing she's with you Every time the lights flicker Or a warm summer breeze flows through the leaves When you hear the floors creak but no one's there If the hairs on your arms stand tall When you have a dream or memory of her on your first Mother's Day without her Know she is right there beside you in your time of need So when you miss her dearly and long to hear her voice and smell her scent one more time, Know that your mother is always with you. Love always, Guy and your family.
This listing was added on: May 13