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BYRON and JENNY MARTIN 1965 - August 28 - 2015 Happy 50th Anniversary WOW - Time...[More Detail]
LORNA and KEN IVANYSHYN August 28, 2015 Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Wit...[More Detail]
STEVE and LUBA PONA Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love Talia, Ada, Nata...[More Detail]
LILLIAN and GORDON PAGE On September 3, 1955, Lillian Margaret Church and Gordon...[More Detail]
WALTER and TAISA KOBERSTEIN Married September 2, 1950 Happy 65th Wedding Annive...[More Detail]
HUGH and LIZ PRICE Happy 40th Anniversary 1975 - August 30 - 2015 Congratulati...[More Detail]
ANTHONY and DARLENE August 30, 2007 To my dearest wife, Thank you for the love, ...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 21